Social Media

Our main objective is to improve the online reputation of your business. It is essential that both the content you show and the way you present it have a favorable impact on your target audience.

We will design fully customized Marketing campaigns tailored to your needs, using Social Networks as the main platform.

When a customer examines a product or a service, the information he receives is the most relevant aspect that determines his final decision.

After creating the content, it is a fundamental step to design a personalized strategy, focused on reaching potential customers in your market niche, both those who know you and new ones.

At SML we have a team of Content Marketing specialists who will be in charge of designing a strategy based on the needs of your project. We will learn everything related to your medium to show your clients that you are the best option.

Social Media Services

Community Manager

Improve your online presence
$ 50 one time payment or monthly
  • Definition of audiences
  • Campaign Plans
  • Content Creation
  • Attracting new customers

Influencer Marketing

Reach more customers with influencers
$ 30 one time payment or monthly
  • Selection of influencers
  • Campaign design
  • Monitoring of results
  • Results report

Impulso de Redes Sociales

Build more trust in your business
$ 10 one time payment or monthly
  • Increase of Followers and Likes
  • Personalized Greetings from Celebrities
  • Video Views
  • Organic Comments